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Mission Statement
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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

RxBids was founded on a very simple principal: create an easy to use secure marketplace, by giving the public a platform to potentially acquire low cost prescription medications.

The RxBids.com Site is a Secure Internet-based electronic marketplace linking buyers (Members) and sellers (Pharmacies) together. The RxBids innovative and revolutionary platform brings together a network of Pharmacies/Pharmacists and members in an open and competitive marketplace designed to drive down the price of prescription medications.The members win by receiving their prescription drugs and medications through our open network of pharmacy professionals online at the best possible prices. The Physicians/Prescribers win by giving their patients an added service free of charge. The Pharmacies win by expanding their customer base with little costs, helping them maintain their overhead and continue to deliver low priced quality prescription drugs online.

There are NO COSTS to use our services for both the healthcare professional and members. Using RxBids.com is simple and easy…there is no special equipment or software needed to put the power of RxBids to work.

Pharmacies must register and be approved by RxBids before participating in the RxBids Marketplace. All the Pharmacies and Pharmacists must be in full compliance with state and federal regulations.

How does RxBids work?

Through our proprietary core technology, RxBids has developed an environment where members can securely place their prescriptions for auction. Once the member's prescription has been received by the RxBids staff via fax from the physician's office or mail from the member, the prescription will be posted in the RxBids marketplace where multiple pharmacies can bid against each other driving down the price of the member's prescription drug or medications. Our network of Pharmacies and Pharmacists include neighborhood pharmacies and mail order pharmacies, all of which have been approved by RxBids to participate in the marketplace.

Security is a top priority…the member's prescription is assigned an ID number. All of the member's personal information is kept private and only given to the pharmacy that wins the bid on the members prescription drugs online.

Our tracking system helps the member monitor the progress on their prescriptions and drugs online and notifies them with the information on the pharmacy that bid the lowest.

The members medications are delivered to their home or office at substantial savings… everyone wins with RxBids.

Better value

We are striving to improve on the services we provide to both our network of participating pharmacies and members. We will continue to improve the RxBids marketplace by:

•  Expanding our network of pharmacies, this helps reduce prescription drug costs for our members.

•  Improve and supply the best tools for our participating pharmacies to help them manage and keep the process of filling the member's prescriptions efficient and easy to use.

•  Continue to provide and improve safety and convenience to everyone that utilizes the RxBids platform.

•  Continue to bring the latest news and information to both our network of participating pharmacies and members.

Better service

RxBids offers a public platform for Americans to have access to low price, high quality prescription medications/drugs through the RxBids marketplace and our network of participating pharmacies.

Better service by linking members with pharmacies who can legally fill their prescription at the best prices with the best service!

RxBids cares about and wants to understand the needs of our members. We are an online prescription drug solution company that never stops trying to improve. At RxBids, we will continue to innovate and advance our technology. You can count on us to be at the forefront of change.

RxBids is not an accredited pharmacy and does not sell Pharmaceutical related Products and Services.
RxBids' corporate offices are located at:
4955 S. Durango Rd.
Suite 223 Las Vegas , Nevada 89113
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